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Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media Studies

Edited by Keyan Tomaselli, Vol. 26 No. 5/2012, Routledge/Unisa Press, 2012, ISSN: 0256-0046

This issue of Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media studies deals with a variety of topics such as: disability studies and the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest; depictions of masculinity in South African men's magazines; mobile phone, gossip mobile websites and the creation of "mobile ghettos" in South Africa; an analysis of the World Cup digital television coverage in Portugal; an investigation of the role of Yvonne Chaka Chaka's song "Umqombothi" in the movie Hotel Rwanda; the potential counter-narrative of South African whiteness as exemplified by the "zef rap" group Die Antwoord; the control of "image" in the African-American scientific community related to the coverage of the total solar eclipse in Africa.

Special attention should be paid to the article "The Presentation of Bushmen in Cultural Tourism: Tourists' Images of Bushmen and the Tourism Provider's Presentation of (Hai//om) Bushmen at Treesleeper Camp, Namibia" by Anna Hüncke and Stasja Koot. This article examines images of Bushmen in Namibian cultural tourism from two angles: that of the tourists and that of the community-based tourism providers, and analyzes the dichotomy between tourists and tourism providers who prefer the pristine and exotic "other" and those who prefer to visit and present communities which are in a process of development.

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