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Artistes de laboratoire. Recherche et création à l'ère numérique

By Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, Paris, Editions Hermann, nouvelle édition, 2013, 130 pages, ISBN: 9782705681852

A virtual actor, a crossmedia circus, intelligent agents and interactive images... This book concerns the way in which the artistic creation and the technological research - areas that were historically separated - are now so entangled that any innovation within the one interests and bends the development of the other one. In the new laboratories of art and computer creation (Ircam, Hexagram, Lip6, CNAM, Orange Labs), hybrid works make irreversible the division of the ancient borders marking art and science.

By articulating interdisciplinary contributions, digital arts engage a fragmentation of the creative modes and plural designations of what constitutes the artwork. The logics of conception are now directed to a plurality of issues: art exposition, technology invention and academic knowledge.

The review of these developments in France and Canada reveals new ways of doing "common work" and raises several questions: Can art be a research? Writing computer, can it itself cover a theoretical dimension and become a creative challenge? How does interdisciplinarity transform methods of attribution and valuation of shared works of art and science?

For more, please see www.editions-hermann.fr/ficheproduit.php?lang=fr&menu=6&ref=Histoire+de+l%27Art+Artistes+de+laboratoire.+Recherche