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Démocratiser la culture ! Une histoire comparée des politiques culturelles

Edited by Laurent Martin et Philippe Poirrier. Dijon, Centre Georges Chevrier (CGC), Territoires contemporains, nouvelle serie, 2013, no. 5, ISSN: 1961-9944

This volume represents the proceedings from a symposium organized by the Committee for History of the French Ministry of Culture, the History Centre of Political Sciences and the Georges Chevrier Centre.

The contributions in the volume, mainly centred on the second half of the 20th century, contemplate the various forms taken by the theme of democratization of culture in a number of countries (France, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria and the United States).

This issue is associated with the institutionalization of public policies for culture, including the establishment of ministries of culture. However, it goes beyond the mere administrative and political management of public policies, and is widely transformed by the actors of the arts and culture worlds as well as, in some national configurations, by intellectuals.

With a conclusion written by Anne-Marie Autissier, dedicated to the crucial question of what contents for cultural democratization in the Europe of the 21st century?

All contributions are available on-line at tristan.u-bourgogne.fr/CGC/publications/Democratiser_culture/Democratiser_culture.html