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Announcement of New Publication

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Scriptura Mundi: Writings of the World

Edited by Rossen Milev, Sofia, 2014, Balkan Media, 424 pages, ISSN 0861-5047

Scriptura Mundi is the first of its kind among international periodical publications, dedicated to world written cultures. It studies and presents their historical development and present state, their language, visual-artistic and social-communication functions and dimensions, their intercultural interactions, as well as the electronic transformations and perspectives of development. In an innovative way the journal offers an overview of the alphabets and other written cultures of the world. The authors (38 scholars from 24 countries of the world) present in their studies a wide spectrum of views, offering a wealth of interdisciplinary and multinationally diverse approaches.

Written words are increasingly being digitalized. The domains in Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese have been opened in the Internet space. The problems and questions connected with writing require greater attention and a new comparative, systematic and integrated approach. The philosophy of Scriptura Mundi is to create bridges between different languages and written cultures, and to assist in the development and the integration of the international academic community in this field. As Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, pointed out in the Foreword to the first issue of the publication, this endeavour responds "to a need for serious studies on languages at a time when the digital revolution is drastically transforming the written word".