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Announcement of New Publication

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Pour un droit à l'éducation artistique et culturelle. Plaidoyer franco-allemand
(For the Right to Artistic and Cultural Education. A French-German Plea)

Publication directed by: Jean-Pierre Saez, Wolfgang Schneider, Marie-Christine Bordeaux, Christel Hartmann-Fritsch. Observatoire des politiques culturelles, Grenoble, 2014, 430 pages, ISBN 978-2-918021-05-6

The theory and the practice of artistic and cultural education in France and Germany are the subject of this bilingual, transnational publication. It is the product of a study and research project conducted over a period of several years by the Observatory of Cultural Policies, the Genshagen Foundation, and the Hidelsheim Institute of Political Studies, to which some thirty authors have contributed. It was supported by the Ministry of Culture, the BKM and the Franco-German Office for Youth.

This publication presents the political and administrative structures on which artistic and cultural education are founded in these two countries, and it submits these to critical examination. This analysis is illustrated through a number of case studies which bear witness to the variety of approaches to artistic and cultural education in each of the two countries. The authors also offer recommendations aimed at opening up new perspectives for cooperation in the field of artistic and cultural education and youth policy which could in the future give impetus to initiatives on a European scale.

For more information please contact: opc@info.observatoire-culture.net