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2014 Yearbook: Television, Cinema, Video and On-demand Audiovisual Services The Pan-European Picture

European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg, 2014, 273 pages, ISBN 97892878079

This yearbook provides valuable data in eight fields: The World Audiovisual Market, Distribution of Audiovisual Services, Economic Trends of the Broadcasting Sector, Television Services, TV Audience, On-demand Audiovisual Services, The Film Iindustry, and Physical Video Market.

The organisations that provided the pan-European information for this volume are transparently explicated, and include the Media Intelligence Service, IHS Technology, MAVISE, Warc and ROVI. Also, two important innovations are present in the 20th edition: an analysis of the international trade in audiovisual services based on an initial attempt to apply to the European Union the new methodology proposed by the WTO, and an exclusive in-depth analysis of the catalogues of various VoD services.

Nevertheless, this publication is not significant purely owing to the interesting and novel data that it brings to light. Quite on the contrary, it should be seen and appreciated as a strong basis for scientific and political efforts. Simply, no scientific analysis worth its name can be conducted, or the process of governing clearly oriented, if it does not rely on strong empirical insights. Therefore, the yearbook provides a sort of platform for further research and political practice, which is where one should look for its crucial contributions.

The publication is available in English, German and French, in order to reach a broader public more easily.

For any questions regarding the content of this publication, please contact andre.lange@coe.int

For further information, please visit www.obs.coe.int/en/shop/yearbook