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Announcement of New Publication

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Culture at the Edges. Celebrating 25 years of Trans-European Training from Barcelona to Delphi

Edited by Jean Pierre Deru, Association Marcel Hicter, Brussels, 2014, 232 pages, ISBN: 9782960154801

This publication is a tribute to 25 years of the European Diploma of Cultural Management, run by the Association Marcel Hicter.

Even though this programme continually changes in order to improve, three main points remain a certain constant, namely: strengthening the knowledge base of cultural managers concerning European cultural policies (national, regional/local and continental), developing and improving the skills of cultural managers to help them run co-operative projects, and encouraging and activating a network of European cultural managers (of which Oracle is an excellent example). For that reason, a clear orientation is not lost on the account of the playful character of the Diploma training programme.

In addition, there is one more crucial idea/belief: "We believe in Europe, but not in the neo-liberal, consumerist Europe some politicians and lobbies have been imposing. We want to build an open, generous, intercultural Europe. This means an elevated idea of citizenship and cultural involvement. This is why the European Diploma is not a European closed shop; nor Fortress Europe".

These sound words should be constantly reinforced and put forward to reinvigorate the values upon which the European Union was initially imagined.

For more information please visit www.fondation-hicter.org/spip.php?rubrique62