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Report to the Minister of Culture and Communication and the Minister of the Economy on the Development of Entrepreneurship in the Cultural Sector in France

By Steven Hearn in association with Olivier Saby, 69 pages, 2014

This report, based on an analysis of interviews conducted with cultural entrepreneurs, examines the position of cultural entrepreneurs in France and provides eight recommendations in order 'to break the anti-entrepreneurial spirit'. Firstly, a cultural entrepreneur is defined as 'the founder of a legal entity registered in the register of commerce, who commercializes a cultural product or service that he or she or some third party has created, while conforming to the entrepreneurial logic of profitability and growth' and, secondly, it is stated that 'the logics of management and investment must also apply to creative companies'.

Consequently, in accordance with this theoretical framework, it is of crucial importance to reshape the image of cultural entrepreneurs, tackling the belief that cultural creation and economic profit are incompatible'. On a more practical level, this is particularly fostered by two policy recommendations, the first one dedicated to 'promoting reflection and communication on the role of the cultural entrepreneur' and the following measure emphasising the need of 'encouraging the creation of a lobby of cultural entrepreneurs'. Hopefully, according to the author, the implementation of these eight recommendations would result in reconceptualising France as an 'experimental laboratory of future thriving cultural entrepreneurship'.

For more information please visit www.scintillo.eu

The full report is accessible at www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Ressources/Rapports-administratifs/Rapport-sur-le-developpement-de-l-entrepreneuriat-dans-le-secteur-culturel-en-France