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Community Arts Centers and Networks. First World Summit. Proceedings and Future Actions

International Council for Cultural Centers, 2014, 8 pages

Creativity and Wellbeing for All: Changing the Future! was the theme of the First World Summit of Community Arts Centers and Networks, organized in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, in September 2014, by the International Council for Cultural Centers in association with the European Network of Cultural Centers and the cooperation with various cultural networks and organizations across the globe.

The summit embraced 'the shared vision of employing the arts for social change and social inclusion and participation'. This is a noble idea, since the arts are usually employed to accumulate profit in the contemporary society. However, this summit proposed a different perspective, in which the arts fulfil their participatory and creative potential, thus serving the society rather than the imperative of economic growth. Finally, the motto of the event was Developing Creativity and Wellbeing through a global Cultura Viva platform and International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C) network, connecting ‘points of happiness towards 're-enchantement' of the world. Also, the summit promotes the belief 'when people of all backgrounds create freely together there is no space for conflict and exclusion!'

Such a call is really needed in the contemporary European Union, where conflicts and exclusions are rapidly increasing due to a concerning rise of far-right mentality. Therefore, along its cultural significance, this summit has a fairly important political message.

Read more at: www.worldsummit.international3c.org