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Bandung Spirit and Globalization

By Gao Xian. America Latina en Movimiento (online), No 504/May 2015

In this article written for Latin America in Movement online, Professor Gao Xian, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and member of the Culturelink Network from its inception, analyses the importance of the Bandung Conference held in Indonesia in 1955, pointing out that the Bandung Spirit is by no means outdated and may embody new significance today.

The outstanding achievement of the Bandung Conference was the Ten Principles unanimously adopted for treating international relations, which embodied the common idea of the Third World unity and cooperation for national independence and world peace. Hence they represented the Bandung Spirit. The points highlighted in the Ten Principles include: respect for fundamental human rights and respect for the UN Charter; respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations; non-interference in internal affairs of other countries; equality of all races and of all nations large and small; respect for the right to self-defence of all nations; no pressure on other countries; no threats of aggression or use of force against the political independence of any country; settlement of all international disputes by peaceful means; respect for justice and international obligation; promotion of mutual interests and cooperation. Those principles clearly pointed to the direction of establishing a just and reasonable new international politico-economic order. In fact, the Bandung Spirit not only emphasized a world of cooperation and inclusiveness, but also stressed the universal norms on sovereignty, justice, democracy and international laws. It helped to promote South-South cooperation as well as to improve North-South relations. It reflected a common view for peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit.

Today, world of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation, inter-dependence, complementarity, mutual benefit, as well as seeking common ground while preserving diversities, is the target we hope and strive for. Was that not already built into the Bandung spirit?

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