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The Development of Creative Industries through Cultural Policy and Redefining the System of Audiovisual Activities in the Republic of Croatia

By Edib Ahmetasevic, in Medijska istraživanja / Media Research, Zagreb, Vol. 21, no. 1/2015, ISSN 1330-6928

The cultural policy of the Republic of Croatia in the field of audiovisual activities, as the nation has passed through transition, has left an indelible mark on the overall area of audiovisual activities in a number of ways. Following the fall of socialism, which implied the systematic transition of the former countries within the socialist system towards various models of capitalism, structural transitions also occurred as a result of global changes. With these changes, the national cultural policy pertaining to audiovisual activities was also affected. The disorientation of cultural policy decelerated, or completely halted, the development of audiovisual activities towards the creative industry. The disorientation of cultural policy arose as the result of irresponsible social conduct, the lack of respect for cultural diversity, underdeveloped ties between the public, private and civil sectors, and an absence of strategic cultural policy.

In order to develop the creative industry, it is necessary to implement audiovisual activities both efficiently and effectively. To do so, it is necessary to redefine, develop and implement a set of strategies and instruments in the cultural policy of the Republic of Croatia in the field of audiovisual activities.

An interdisciplinary approach that ties together the integral theories of social contracts and dilemmas of contemporary cultural policy in the field of audiovisual activities indicates the importance of social responsibility, particularly for the private sector, which plays an important role in the development of the film industry as a profit-oriented cultural industry.

Proposal: the development of the creative industry in the field of audiovisual activities in the Republic of Croatia is not possible without balanced activities of a strategic cultural policy, which will aim to create a balance between the aesthetic and market values of the audiovisual activities.

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