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Announcement of New Publication

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Directory of Tools to Implement and Strengthen Cultural Policies and Statistics in ACP Countries.

Cultural Policies Publication, ACP Cultures+ Programme, 2015, 39 pages

The directory of tools to implement and strengthen cultural policies and statistics in ACP countries published by ACP Cultures+ Programme aims to contribute to the achievement of one of the ACP Cultures+ main objectives: improving the regulatory environment of the cultural sectors in ACP countries (The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States). Aiming towards that goal, this publication reviews existing publications, information and various types of support tools related to cultural policy and statistics to ACP policy makers (such as culture ministers, municipal officials in charge of culture, etc.) and cultural professionals (researchers, scholars, etc.). The collected information has been classified by organization, in alphabetical order and by three categories of activities (production of publications, establishment of data bases and provision of technical assistance). In total, actions carried out by seven organizations and within the framework of ACP/EU cultural cooperation, with specific geographical approaches, have been listed. It is worth noting, that the majority of the listed organizations (seven out of eight) mainly focus on one of the ACP Cultures+ main objectives: strengthening the regulatory framework and supporting the implementation of cultural policies.

The Directory will be regularly updated and is available online at www.acpculturesplus.eu/sites/default/files/2015/09/10/directory_tools_cultural_policies_and_statistics_2015_ang.pdf