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Cultural Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

An essay on cultural entrepreneurship as an accepted academic body of knowledge, preparing the next step: Creative Cooperation.
By Giep Hagoort, Utrecht, ERTNAM, 2015, 12 pages

An essay on Cultural Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century written by Prof. Giep Hagoort is inspired by the First International Conference on Cultural Entrepreneurship in the USA, hosted by the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD) on 10 - 12 June 2015. According to the author, today's cultural entrepreneurship is an existing and accepted international academic body of knowledge with its roots in the art management discipline, but it is also, with no doubt, a dominant framework for the functioning of cultural organizations and creative managers. There are at least three different academic approaches on cultural entrepreneurship showing the hybrid and eclectic academic character of this new body of knowledge. Today's urgent external challenges such as digitalization, globalization, interculturalism and bottom-up movements require a next step in developing a highly qualified knowledge domain regarding cultural entrepreneurship. All our 21st century societies worldwide necessitate innovative and creative solutions, especially from the cultural and creative sectors. Because of the complexity of the environment, individually focused cultural entrepreneurship has to be transformed into interdisciplinary cooperative ways of working to contribute to human societies of the 21st century. Author claims that researchers, educators, practitioners, business people and policymakers have their own responsibilities in making this next step - Creative Cooperation - happen.

"If our creative world is only oriented by the traditional cultural value chain - education, creativity, production, distribution and experiences - without a central role for cooperation, then it will be impossible to consider cultural entrepreneurship as an added value for the society of tomorrow." (Hagoort, p. 8)

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