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Announcement of New Publication

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The Ecology of Culture: Community Engagement, Co-creation, Cross Fertilization

Published by ENCATC, 2015, 559 pages, ISBN: 978-92-990036-2-6

Produced in the framework of the 23rd ENCATC Annual Conference on The Ecology of Culture and the 6th Annual ENCATC Research Session, a new e-book entitled The Ecology of Culture: Community Engagement, Co-creation, Cross Fertilization brings more than 40 papers from 25 countries selected for publication by members of the ENCATC Research Session Scientific Committee.

The new publication includes a wide range of topics within the field of cultural policy and cultural management. Papers cover areas such as heritage, museums, performing arts, music, urban development, new audiences, community engagement, cultural leadership, intercultural dialogue and many more. The publication boasts diverse geographic coverage with papers focusing on key issues, challenges and cases in Europe and beyond: Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Niger, Turkey, and the United States. Papers also cover wider contexts of Eastern Europe and the European Union. The publication is an excellent resource for researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers and students.

This e-book is available for free download. Please visit the ENCATC e-library to download the publication from encatc.org/pages/index.php?id=300