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Survey on Museums and Copyright - Report

Edited by Pascal Ennaert, Network of European Museum Organisations, 2015, 51 pages

The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) is an independent network of national museum organisations representing the museum community of the member states of the Council of Europe. NEMO has repeatedly been made aware of examples of how copyright legislation restricts museum activities. Therefore, NEMO decided to publish an online survey of museums professionals across Europe about the management of copyright within their museums. The Flemish Art Collection (Vlaamse Kunstcollectie, vzw), a NEMO-associated member and leader of the Intellectual Property Rights Working Group, along with The Language Doc, prepared and managed the distribution of the survey. The survey results from the acknowledgment that copyright and related rights have a very important impact on various aspects of museum activities. With this survey NEMO sought to give an overview of 'real life' museum practice and examples of Intellectual Property Rights related to problems that museums encounter in their daily activities. Through the feedback from museums all over Europe, NEMO was able to produce recommendations for how copyright in Europe should be shaped to help museums with ensuring greatest public access to their collections.

To access the online Survey on Museums and Copyright, please go to: www.ne-mo.org/fileadmin/Dateien/public/Working_Group_1/Working_Group_IPR/NEMO_Survey_IPR_and_Museums_2015.pdf

For more information, please visit: www.ne-mo.org/