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Childhood, Mobile Technologies and Everyday Experiences: Changing Technologies = Changing Childhoods?

By Emma Bond, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 2014, 243 pages, ISBN: 9781137292520

This book attempts to explore the changing nature of late-modern childhood and the relationship between mobile technologies and childhood, highlighting children's everyday experiences in growing up with mobile internet technologies. The central premise of the book is that children and their parents 'are enrolled into ongoing interaction in which technology and people mutually constitute each other' (p. 125), and that mobile digital technology can be understood as both cultural and social capital for children and central to their self-identity.

In order to explore the changing nature of childhood and the nature of children's everyday interactions with mobile internet technologies in late modernity, Bond starts this book by drawing on theoretical approaches in childhood and socio-technical studies. The next chapter considers different methodological approaches used in childhood research. Other chapters are focused on childhood, mobile internet technologies and children's everyday relationships (family relationships, relationships with their peers, and their intimate sexual relationships); the risks (of cyberbullying, sexting, pornography, violent content, gaming, pro-eating disorder websites), rhetoric and realities (need to move towards greater understanding of diversity in understanding childhood, mobile internet technologies and the reality, as opposed to the rhetoric of children's lived experiences). The final chapter examines the main arguments presented in the book, but it does so through the lens of children's rights. With no doubt, the book provides a critical analysis of childhood in late modernity and thus contributes to the continually growing body of literature in childhood and youth studies.

For more information or to obtain a book, please visit: www.palgrave.com/us/book/9781137292520