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Cultural Times. The First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries

By CISAC - The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, EY, 2015, 119 pages

A new report on Cultural Times. The First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries analyses the economic weight of 11 Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sectors: advertising, architecture, books, gaming, music, movies, newspapers/magazines, performing arts, radio, TV, and visual arts in 5 global regions (Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East), demonstrating that CCI are a massive contributor to the world economy. This study reflects the diversity that UNESCO's 2005 Convention stands for, and enhances UNESCO's global effort for 'more data and stronger indicators on the role of Culture for the development of societies'.

The main objectives of this study were: 1. to produce a comparative, quantitative and qualitative analysis of cultural and creative industries; 2. to understand the overall economic role of CCI globally, by sector and by region; 3. to put these analyses into perspective against the past, current and future economic situation; 4. to show how, and to what extent, CCI may be a driving force for global economic growth; 5. to produce a comprehensive report with examples of the diversity and complexity of CCI worldwide. This study encompasses a wide range of creative activities combining the creation, production, and distribution of cultural content.

The study concludes that, to unlock the full potential of CCI, creators must be fairly remunerated for the use of their creative works, so that they can continue contributing to culture and the economy. In particular in the digital market, policy makers need to address the transfer of value currently taking place in favor of Internet intermediaries, and ensure that creators and the creative industries are paid fairly for the exploitation of their works.

The Report is available online at: www.worldcreative.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/EYCulturalTimes2015_Download.pdf