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Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals - AFRICA

By Art Moves Africa, Korea Arts Management Service and On the Move, 2016, 204 pages

The main objective of this cultural mobility funding guide is to provide an overview of the funding bodies and programmes that support the international mobility of artists and cultural operators from Africa and travelling to Africa. The Guide information was mostly compiled between August and December 2015, and it is an attempt to gather all available resources in one document. All in all 87 funding organizations and 133 funding schemes related to Africa are listed, together with 38 funding bodies and 48 funding schemes with an international outreach, as well as key resources on mobility funding for artists and cultural organizations. The list includes only regular funding opportunities whose terms and application procedures are accessible online, and which cover travel costs (partially or completely).

The information in the Guide is organized according to the following structure: 1. Organizations and funding bodies based in Africa; 2. International organizations with an African focus; 3. Global South-focused organizations; 4. Bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation schemes; 5. International prizes, residencies and other support schemes; 6. Resources.

The publication is available online at: on-the-move.org/funding/africa/