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Histoire de la culture scientifique en France: Institutions et acteurs / The History of Scientific Culture in France: Institutions and Actors

Edited by Philippe Poirrier, Dijon, Editions universitaires de Dijon, 2016, 156 pages

The aim of this collective book is to analyse, in a historical perspective how 'scientific culture' has been the object of public policies in France for over thirty years. The contributions refer to the role of ministries in charge of scientific culture (Ministry of Research and Ministry of Culture), of main institutions (museums and centres of scientific, technical and industrial culture) as well as of the concerning actors (scientists and mediators, researchers and advocates of popular education).

Scientific, technical and industrial culture (CSTI) becomes the instrument of public policies; it is the topic of the programmes of different ministries; it incarnates in specific institutions. Putting sciences into culture is being established as a priority.

As Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Universit é de Paris-Sorbonne) concludes, 'scientific and technical culture is a history to be written'.

For more information, please see: sciences-humaines.u-bourgogne.fr/images/stories/Departements/Histoire/publications_evenementielles/Pub.%20Histoire%20culture%20scientifique.pdf and eud.u-bourgogne.fr/home/474-histoire-de-la-culture-scientifique-en-france-9782364411647.html