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The Digitized City: Influence and Impact

By Charles Landry, Comedia, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 2016, 84 pages, ISBN-10: 1908777060, ISBN-13: 978-1908777065

This book outlines the impacts and influence of the digital age which will be, according to the author, as powerful as the climactic changes that swept through our world with the industrial revolution 200 years ago. The tectonic shift unfolding enabled by digital devices with their disruptive potential are changing cities, society and social life, connectivity, the economy and cultural life. The digital force is the dominant cultural force of the 21st century, with connectivity and data as the new forms of capital. The volume, velocity and variety of instantly available data streams combined with the "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" phenomenon changes how we interact with and in space, place and time. To adapt to the digital age and to create new intelligent infrastructures, sensing technologies and objects that live within its hard-engineered fabric, a reverse engineering process is necessary. To the author, decision-makers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild our cities differently. This includes harnessing social media capabilities, interactive platforms or open data to deepen democracy - a human perspective should drive technologies rather than vice versa.

Charles Landry works with cities around the world to make the most of their potential. Widely acclaimed as a speaker, author and innovator, Charles Landry facilitates complex urban change projects. He advises cities as a "critical friend" working closely with decision makers and local leaders helping to find solutions to seemingly intractable dilemmas, such as marrying innovation and tradition, balancing wealth creation and social cohesiveness, or local distinctiveness and a global orientation.

For more information, please visit charleslandry.com/blog/the-digitized-city/