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Creation and Displacement: Developing New Narratives Around Migration

By Yasmin Fedda, Daniel Gorman, Tory Davidson, IETM, 2016, 32 pages

As the media narrative around refugee and migrant issues grows ever more toxic, this mapping, published by the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), aims to showcase some of the incredible projects taking place in Europe and internationally with a focus on support, solidarity and engagement with refugees, asylum-seekers and those who were recently displaced. Everywhere across Europe and beyond, contemporary performing artists are showing their role as an immediate reaction task-force to help in humanitarian crises, and use their skills to help bring relief or even heal wounds and help newcomers integrate into society. The artistic practices and organizations highlighted in this report use a variety of approaches and art forms. The purposes of this publication are as follows:

  • Artists and cultural professionals engaging, or willing to engage, in work with and for refugees and migrants can find here useful food for thought, practical suggestions and contacts to enlarge their collaborations and develop their own practices;
  • Arts and culture professionals with a refugee or migrant background can find contacts with organizations who can ease or strengthen their connections with the artistic community in their new country;
  • Arts funders and policy-makers at different levels can find initiatives proving the role and engagement of artists in working with refugees and migrants, as well as good arguments to support these kinds of initiatives.

This IETM mapping is co-authored by award-winning documentary filmmaker Yasmin Fedda, arts consultant, researcher and producer Daniel Gorman, and theatre artist and activist Tory Davidson. It is published in collaboration with Culture Action Europe and UCLG - United Cities and Local Governments.

The publication is available online at https://www.ietm.org/en/publications/creation-and-displacement-developing-new-narratives-around-migration