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Announcement of New Publication

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Art in Context: Learning from the Field

Edited by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio and Susanne Bosch, Goethe-Institut e.V., 2017, 240 pages, ISBN 9 783945 048245

The publication Art in Context: Learning from the Field by Goethe Institute is focused on social and participatory art practices analyzed through a methodology of dialogues and conversations with artists and cultural professionals from Myanmar, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Some of the main ideas that emerged through the dialogues and that shape this publication include art practices in the social realm, community-engagement, context-specificity, language and meanings, ways of exchanging, interactions and mobility-related issues. The dialogues reflected the diversity of practices and languages within the group. They emerged quite organically, out of the formal and informal situations in which people had spent extended time together. The aim and objective of the publication is to function as a collection of practitioners' voices, as a kaleidoscope of approaches, methodologies, visions and perspectives.

The publication is available at https://www.goethe.de/ins/my/en/kul/sup/aic.html