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Reports on the Arts in a Digital World

By Nordicity Consulting and the Canada Council for the Arts, 2017

The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to the use of digital to improve the quality, scope and sharing of the arts. To that end, the Council is developing a digital strategy that addresses a simple but essential question: How can the arts sector in Canada stay relevant by responding more effectively to the changes and upheavals caused by digital technologies? To gain a clearer understanding of the current situation, the Council commissioned an analysis of the digital strategies adopted by leading governmental organizations in Canada and elsewhere. It also commissioned a survey on how the arts sector in Canada uses digital and the extent of the sector's digital sophistication.

The first report, The Arts in a Digital World - Literature Review, explores how artists and arts-related organizations in Canada and around the world have adapted to the digital era while also influencing it. The report is based on an extensive literature review and interviews with arts funding organizations from most parts of the world.

The second report, The Arts in a Digital World - Survey Data Report, presents a snapshot of the impact of digital technologies on Canada's arts community, in terms of creation, dissemination and business practices.

These two reports were commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts and prepared by Nordicity Consulting.

The reports are available online at: canadacouncil.ca/en/research/research-library/2017/02/the-arts-in-a-digital-world-literature-review