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Evaluer les politiques publiques de la culture / Evaluating the Public Policies of Culture

Edited by Yann Nicolas and Olivier Gergaud, Paris, Ministère de la culture, Documentation française, 2017, 240 pages, ISBN 978-2-11-128-159-2

Based on the conclusions of the conference on the economy of culture organised by the Department of Studies, Planning and Statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France in 2015, the book Evaluer les politiques publiques de la culture (Evaluating the Public Policies of Culture) contains summarized contributions from researchers and culture stakeholders who attended the conference.

It presents the new results from the evaluation of the impact of cancelling subsidized festivals, the law on the internet and creation, education policies, and fiscal policies on the distribution of works.

The publication can be purchased at www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Politiques-ministerielles/Etudes-et-statistiques/L-actualite-du-DEPS/Evaluer-les-politiques-publiques-de-la-culture