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InterArtive Special Issue - Malta: Culture in Transformation

By InterArtive, Special Issue No. 93, Edited by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, 2017

InterArtive is an online monthly journal and open platform for dialogue that attempts to bring together different theoretical and practical fields of criticism and reflection on contemporary art and thought. Malta: Culture in Transformation is the theme for its 2017 Special Issue which comprises a series of in-depth articles on the diverse initiatives, opportunities, challenges and visions that are currently changing the cultural ecosystem of the Maltese archipelago.

Karsten Xuereb, Executive Director of Valletta 2018, contributed with a text dealing with the intricacies of economy, cultural policies, cultural production, and their relationship and impact on society. Sandro Debono, project leader of MUZA, reflected on the changes that need to be addressed in the museum and cultural sector in general, and particularly within the MUZA experience. Researcher and curator Katya Micallef presented an overview of the development of contemporary art in Malta. Artist, curator and founding director of Blitz, Alexandra Pace participated in an interview-conversation focused on the history, current vision and role of Blitz, an artist-run space located in the heart of Valletta. Artist and curator Bettina Hutschek gave voice to the FRAGMENTA experience, highlighting the peculiarities and ambiguities of public space in Malta, and the function and role of art within this context. Ann Laenen, Meeting Point Strand Coordinator at Valletta 2018, talked about the diverse Artist-in-Residence programmes that are currently being developed in the archipelago. Finally, editor and writer Veronica Stivala conducted a meaningful analysis of the lack of critical writing in Malta.

The Special issue is published online at interartive.org/2017/06/interartive-93malta-a-culture-in-transformation/