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Composing Processes and Artistic Agency: Tacit Knowledge in Composing

By Tasos Zembylas and Martin Niederauer, Routledge, London, 2017, 158 pages, ISBN 978-1-138-21549-8

The monograph entitledComposing Processes and Artistic Agency: Tacit Knowledge in Composing resulted from a two-year research project analysing composing processes in actu in art music and shedding new light on the constitutive conditions of creative work in general. The leading questions are concerning the changing role of various compositional activities such as listening, researching, imagining, trying out, reflecting, noting, correcting along the working process and their internal dynamic interrelations. What are composers doing when they compose? How do their current actions change the meaning of previous actions and how do they prestructure future actions? Further, particular focus is set on the complex synergy of various, propositional and tacit, forms of knowledge, material and symbolic artefacts, resources and collaborative arrangements with others. What enables creative action? What is the role of theoretical knowledge, and of corporeal, experiential and sensory knowing-in-action? Consequently, the book develops an understanding of artistic agency and mastery as effects of shared practices and social participation. Using a mixture of case studies and theoretical frameworks, this book will appeal to sociologists and musicologists, as well as other scholars and artists interested in the epistemic of artistic practices.

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