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Announcement of New Publication

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The Art of Civil Action. Political Space and Cultural Dissent

Edited by Philipp Dietachmair and Pascal Gielen, Valiz, 352 pages, ISBN 978-94-92095-39-8

A new title was recently published in the Valiz Antennae - Arts in Society series: The Art of Civil Action. Political Space and Cultural Dissent, edited by Pascal Gielen, professor of Cultural Sociology at the University of Antwerp, and Philipp Dietachmair, programme manager at the European Cultural Foundation. The Art of Civil Action considers how to establish a sustainable, transnational civil space, and what role culture and the arts can play in this process, through a colourful mix of case studies on citizen-led cultural initiatives from Europe and around the world. Looking at different artistic platforms, activist groups and new forms of citizen initiatives, this book investigates how artists and cultural workers can shape the civil domain and how arts and culture can provide the building blocks for a strong civil society in a globally connected setting. The numerous crises of the past decade have made civil space, a domain that is not yet controlled by legislation or market forces, more relevant again as a place of expressing controversy and dissent. Social scientists, cultural theorists, activists and artists explore the notion that cultural initiatives play an underappreciated but crucial role in unlocking dormant democratic potential in our societies. Arts and culture can represent a cornerstone of the civil domain, and an anchor as communities reconcile their local and global identities and roles.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: www.culturalfoundation.eu/library/the-art-of-civil-action