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Will This Be Canada's Century?

By D. Paul Schafer, Rock's Mills Press, 2017, 184 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-090-4

In his thought-provoking book entitled Will This Be Canada's Century?, D. Paul Schafer makes the case that Canada possesses the potential to play a crucial role in the world. After taking stock of the country's history, geography and two of its greatest assets - creativity and diversity - he sets his sights on the rapidly-changing global and Canadian landscape. Schafer contends that by applying a cultural and chronological approach to Canadian development and focusing attention on the public sector and the responsibilities of governments, and especially the federal government, it will be possible to achieve sustainable development, improve the well-being of Canadians and people in other parts of the world, and realize Wilfrid Laurier's famous prediction from 1904 that a century will "belong to Canada" - albeit the twenty-first century rather than the twentieth.

Among quotes by prominent persons who found inspiration in Canada, on the book's back cover is one by Nelson Mandela, speaking to the Canadian Parliament: "Your respect for diversity within your own society and your tolerant and civilized manner of dealing with the challenges of difference and diversity had always been our inspiration." In a similar manner, it is the author's belief, Canada's greatest assets - its culture, inventiveness and creativity - give this country the chance to make the 21st century its own. At the same time, Schafer warns that particularly important is the need to transform the relationship between human beings and the natural environment, deal with climate change, reduce the huge disparities that exist in income and wealth, and improve relations between the world's diverse peoples, ethnic groups, countries, cultures, religions and civilisations. These challenges concern all of us, in the entire world.

For more information or to obtain the book, please visit: https://www.rocksmillspress.com/century.html