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2016 World Summit on Arts and Culture

The focus of the 2016 World Summit on Arts and Culture will be on Cultural Leadership in the 21st Century. The summit will be held in Malta and it will, just as the previous editions of this unique global gathering, provide an opportunity for cultural operators, decision-makers, representatives of funding bodies and agencies as well as artists and researchers to reflect on some of the pressing issues and topics in the field of culture and cultural policies. The summit will address the issue of leadership and the importance of cultural leadership for cultural development. The perception where the role of leaders coincided with their position in the top-down organizational structures is no longer relevant. Today we know that leaders can be found in the smallest communities where, through extraordinary grass-route cultural initiatives, they induce change. The Summit will also provide an opportunity for representatives of different cultural networks to discuss their roles and leadership in promoting reflection and cooperation on various cultural policy issues. As one of the oldest networks in the field of culture, the Culturelink Network is pleased to be a partner with IFACCA in planning the Summit and promoting the idea of the importance of cultural leadership.

Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Member of the Culturelink Team / Programme Director of the 2016 World Summit on Arts and Culture