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Expert Meeting

announcement - SEEcoop mailing list

Cultural Policies and Cultural Development in Southeastern Europe: New Realities and Challenges

Expert Meeting


Zagreb, Croatia, 10-11 September 2004

SEEcoop Mailing List

Recognizing that the opening of the cultural space and the establishment of cultural cooperation in the region are still the most important tasks, a mailing list was set up as a follow-up to the expert meeting.

The SEEcoop Mailing List is a moderated forum of the Culturelink Network, facilitating regular and efficient communication and cooperation of experts on cultural policies and development in Southeastern Europe.

Call for Cooperation

  • Are you planning meetings, research activities or publications of significance to cultural cooperation in the SEE region?
  • Do you have questions or issues in the field of cultural policy and cultural development you wish to raise with colleagues, experts and list members?
  • Do you know of interesting links or e-mail addresses to be shared via the mailing list?

Please share your information by posting to the SEEcoop mailing list!


This is a closed list, allowing postings from members only. In order to receive list postings and send your own messages to the list, you need to join the list.

To subscribe, please sent a message to seecoop-request@irmo.hr with subscribe in the subject line and your full name and institution in the message body. You will be subscribed with the e-mail address you send this message from.


To further configure and manage your SEEcoop Mailing List account settings, please consult the list server's help file, as well as a list of server commands and account flags available to the user.

You may also retrieve the list's FAQ file (answers to frequently asked questions) by sending an e-mail message with the word faq in the subject line to seecoop-request@irmo.hr. Please make sure you send this request from the e-mail address you used to subscribe to the list.


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